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The Security Stakes Are Higher Than Ever

While recent security headlines have been dominated by high-profile ransomware attacks, one attack that hasn’t received as much attention is even more troubling. A hacker recently tried to poison part
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Eliminate your password problem with Sentry and FIDO2

Passwords are simply no longer a sufficient method of confirming the identity of web users. The FIDO Alliance (Fast Identity Online) is a non-commercial group dedicated to developing new protocols
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SentryCard: a Hygienic Biometric Identification Solution

SentryCard Protects Against Data Breaches, Phishing Attacks, and COVID-19 Author: Jeremy Hilltop There was a time when passwords — the gold standard of IT access control — were more than
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Large scale breaches mean change is coming

From the C-level to security professionals, recent high profile breaches have placed extra pressure on multiple levels of organizations to improve their security posture. While the SolarWinds attack was far
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Sentry Moves to Volume Production with Fingerprints Partner

Full-scale production of the SentryCard is now underway Sentry Enterprises, maker of the SentryCard, has completed the build of its U.S. based volume manufacturing facility and is now moving to
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Are you protecting your brand from a breach?

When a breach occurs, most organizations are rightfully focused on detection and remediation. Initially, it’s a matter of stopping the bleeding. While those efforts can be expensive, they also tend
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Why authentication must adapt to survive

Security is a dynamic discipline where change is not only rapid but required. It’s almost counterintuitive, but the longer software exists the more vulnerable it becomes. New attacks are discovered,
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Plug & Play White Paper

With SentryCard, organizations can quickly & Seamlessly: Harness biometric dual-factor authentication for physical entry & logical access, and a whole lot more.   SentryCard biometric authentication quickly provides proof-positive identification
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