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Sentry Enterprises Announces the World’s First Security Lab Certified Biometric Cold Storage Crypto Wallet

The Sentinel Wallet dwarfs existing wallet solutions, employing a biometrically protected smartcard (biometrics are enrolled, stored, and matched solely within the wallet’s security perimeter) making it purpose built for securing transactions while protecting the user’s privacy.
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Sentry Enterprises Announces Antoinette King, PSP to Join the Technology Advisory Board

Sentry Enterprises, is pleased to welcome Antoinette King to our Technology Advisory Board. Antoinette brings over 20 years of experience in the security industry to the board and has presented extensively on data privacy and cybersecurity.
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IDEX Biometrics and Sentry Enterprises to launch biometric smart card for
digital authentication

OSLO, Norway, September 21, 2022 - US-based Sentry Enterprises has selected the IDEX Biometrics Trustedbio Max fingerprint sensor solution for use in the next generation of their industry leading biometric identity platform, SentryCard.
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Sentry Enterprises, the maker of the biometric identity platform SentryCard, has named Mikhail Friedland as Chief Technology Officer

Friedland brings an extensive arsenal of software acumen to Sentry Enterprises with expertise in developing and deploying high-assurance, scalable and secure operating systems.
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Sentry Enterprises Announces FIDO2 Certification

Sentry Enterprises is pleased to announce that the SentryCard, a decentralized biometric platform providing absolute trust, has successfully completed FIDO2 certification.
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Security means re-imagining identity

One of the most overworked metaphors in the history of marketing is the idea of cyber security as a perimeter-based ‘castle wall’ defense system. While cyber security marketing has thankfully
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Why now is the time to upgrade your security

The world has suddenly become a more chaotic place. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has put an already tense world further on edge and caused a marked increase in ‘preparatory’
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The rising risks of passwords

2021 turned out to be a consequential year for password security and acknowledgment of its flaws. First, recent studies have shown that compromised credentials are the current most popular initial
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