April 9, 2024

Sentry Enterprises Unveils the Industry’s First OLED Transaction Card: Radiance

Contactless Card Platform Illuminates Brands, Top-of-Wallet Status on Tap

WEST CHESTER, PA. – April 9, 2024 – Sentry Enterprises, a pioneering technology company in the fintech arena, harnessing the encapsulation process from its recent acquisition of X-Core Technologies, announces the launch of its groundbreaking Radiance card illumination platform today. This platform empowers card issuers to enhance brand visibility and elevate their top-of-wallet status using vivid state-of-the-art OLED display technology produced by industry leader Konica Minolta.

Eliminating the need for a battery, this innovative platform enhances brand visibility and promotes card activation at the point of sale. Unlike standard LEDs, Radiance’s OLED technology delivers brilliant colors and a uniform brightness across the display.

“Other cards on the market may illuminate, but not like this,” said Tim Wright, Senior Vice President of Advanced Fintech Solutions at Sentry Enterprises. “Radiance’s proprietary card encapsulation process, integrated with OLED technology, redefines the range of graphic design options. The revolutionary platform merges aesthetics with advanced technology to create a card that outshines the competition by engaging card users with every transaction. It’s the aggressive market disruptor that will deliver distinct experiences and brand differentiation for years to come.”

For Card Issuers, Radiance delivers the following key offerings:

  • Industry Certification: Radiance is ready for Visa and Mastercard-Certification.
  • Illuminate Logos with OLEDs: Bright, vivid illumination of any design on the card’s surface utilizing a full color palette, delivering a vibrant and visually engaging user experience.
  • Distinctive Brand Image: Issuers differentiate and highlight their brands at the point of sale with vibrant illuminated logos and designs.
  • Top of Wallet: The Radiance OLED platform increases card spend and loyalty with a bright, interactive experience.
  • EMV-Compliant Security: Radiance complies with industry standards, ensuring smooth integration into existing payment infrastructure.

For the Card Manufacturers: Radiance expands your portfolio offering:

  • Frictionless Integration: Radiance is fully compatible with existing manufacturing processes and equipment. It seamlessly integrates with current card manufacturing Hot Lamination-based techniques, eliminating the need for custom equipment, process disruptions, or extensive R&D time and investment.
  • Durable and Delamination-Free: A patented encapsulation process creates durability, keeping Radiance cards in prime condition in the field.
  • Adaptive Design: Designed to be scalable and customizable, Radiance adapts to future needs, ensuring Operations stays ahead of market demands.
  • Industry-Certified Quality: Radiance’s manufacturing operations conform to rigorous industry and quality standards that meet Card Quality Management (CQM) certification.

Visit RadianceOLED.com to learn more about the Radiance OLED platform. For more information about Sentry Enterprises, please visit www.sentryenterprises.com.

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