Nov 8, 2022

Sentry Enterprises Announces Antoinette King, PSP to Join the Technology Advisory Board

Sentry Enterprises Announces Antoinette King, PSP to Join the Technology Advisory Board

West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA – November 8, 2022.  Sentry Enterprises, a creator of proprietary and patented biometric platforms focused on providing enterprise organizations an absolute proof-of-identity, is pleased to welcome Antoinette King to our Technology Advisory Board. Antoinette brings over 20 years of experience in the security industry to the board and has presented extensively on data privacy and cybersecurity.

“We are excited to welcome Antoinette to the Sentry Technology Advisor Board. Antoinette combines technical expertise with a knack of identifying those emerging technologies that Sentry can leverage to provide the next generation and innovation of identity protection solutions,” said Mark Bennett, CEO at Sentry Enterprises. “Antoinette has been leading the industry with cyber awareness and finding ways to bring her expertise beyond to help disrupt and wake the industry up.”

Antoinette is a Board-Certified Physical Security Professional (PSP), as well as a certified Data Privacy Protection Specialist (DPPS). She has presented on data privacy and cybersecurity in several capacities including webinars and in person engagements. She has also published articles on the topics of cybersecurity, data privacy, creating an insider threat programs, and digital citizenship. Recently, Antoinette published The Digital Citizen’s Guide to Cybersecurity: How to be Safe and Empowered Online, a non-technical look at how individuals engage as global digital citizens, based on her journey with technology, as a parent, employee, and business owner.

“I am thrilled to join the Sentry Technology Advisory Board and am enthusiastic to get started with the team,” commented Antoinette. “I feel that Sentry Enterprises is a disruptive force not only in the security and access control markets, but also in cybersecurity and cryptocurrencies where identity and privacy are vital.”

In 2020, Antoinette founded Credo Cyber Consulting with the goal of providing her clients a holistic perspective on security, bridging the gap between the physical and cybersecurity domains focusing on data privacy and protection. In addition to running her own company, Antoinette is active actively participates in many security industry associations. She is a member of ASIS, is the current Chapter Chairperson of the Hudson Valley Chapter, and a member of the Women in Security (WIS) Global Council. She is also an active member of the Security Industry Association (SIA), serving on the Ethics Working Group, Data Privacy Advisory Board, and the Cybersecurity Advisory Board, and is a member of Women in Cybersecurity (WiCys).

The Technology Advisory Board is created as a standing committee for the purpose of working with Sentry Enterprises executive leadership. The committee shall limit its activities to advising on matters that directly concern the development of the company’s technical solutions; consulting on related industry trends and technology; providing guidance on cyber security policy; and facilitating introductions to potential customer opportunities.

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