May 9, 2023

Global Accountability Corp and Sentry Enterprises announce strategic partnership to revolutionize Identity Access Management

Global Accountability Corp and Sentry Enterprises announce strategic partnership to revolutionize Identity Access Management

West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA – May 9, 2023 – Sentry Enterprises, a cutting-edge company that is transforming what identity means across the physical and digital worlds, announces a partnership with Global Accountability Corp. (GAC), a technology company that specializes in Near-field Communication technology with a patron survey feature set. This partnership will revolutionize Identity Access Management (IAM) and ensure transparency with absolute proof of identity.

The partnership between GAC and Sentry Enterprises brings together two innovative technologies to create a comprehensive IAM solution that is secure, efficient, and user-friendly. A unique application is the Police Smart Card, a disruptive technology that will change the way law enforcement interacts with the public. With GAC’s Near-field Communication technology and Sentry Enterprises’ biometric authentication, the Police Smart Card offers a seamless and secure way to authenticate and verify identities in a decentralized environment.

“We are proud to partner with Sentry Enterprises and their revolutionary technology,” said Jim Kinsey, CEO of Global Accountability Corporation. “We feel that by adding our IP to what they have created, we now have a product that will change the face of IAM forever while being universally accepted in a decentralized fashion.”

For years, law enforcement officers have used paper business cards to provide proof of identity, along with an incident number and other vital case information for a citizen. These outdated paper cards can be easily lost, leaving the citizen with no information about their incident or the officer involved. Even worse, imposters can copy the paper card use it to pose as a legitimate law enforcement officer, endangering lives and shining a harsh light on a local department.


This proprietary technology easily resolves the issues with paper cards by transmitting information only when the officer provides a biometric proof of identity that is embedded in the card. In addition, the card integrates with many access control systems, providing convenience. Sentry’s end-to-end biometric platform addresses user controlled, absolute proof-of-identity. The universal identity platform delivers biometric authentication that quickly provides proof-positive identification when an officer engages with the public. Biometric authentication is a critical factor when trust and absolute proof of identity is required.


“We are thrilled to partner with GAC and bring our technologies together to create a game changing IAM solution,” said Mark Bennett, CEO at Sentry Enterprises. “Our goal has always been to provide our customers with the highest level of security and convenience, and this partnership will help us achieve that goal.”


Utilizing unique and quantitative methods, this game changing IAM technology has the power to keep the conversation between officer and citizen to a minimum, helping to de-escalate the interaction from the beginning, saving time, money, and human lives. With a simple snapshot of a QR code, the citizen can:

  • capture the officer’s identification and contact information, then store it safely in their phone.
  • access the incident information and other vital information.
  • complete a survey to help department officials identify to commend officers or to identify training opportunities.


Each department will have access to a controlled and secure administration panel, where officials can view data analytics and reports on each officer. This panel includes the number of times citizens have accessed the officer’s profile, downloaded their vCard, submitted a survey, along with additional analytics. This technology assures accountability and transparency for the department, while helping with officer retention by allowing them to see their positive impact on the community.


The Police Smart Card is just one game-changing application of the partnership between GAC and Sentry Enterprises. This new frontier for Identity Access Management technology will allow rapid adoption for businesses of all sizes and industries. The new product is expected to launch in June of 2023.


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About Global Accountability Corp:

Global Accountability Corp is a technology company that specializes in Near-field Communication technology with a patron survey feature set. The company’s patent-pending technology provides secure and efficient identification solutions for a wide range of industries with a featured packed Global Admin Panel.

About Sentry Enterprises:

Sentry Enterprises is a vertically integrated solutions provider based in the United States. The company produces and offers a proprietary and patented biometric platform focused on providing enterprise organizations an absolute proof-of-identity. For more information about Sentry Enterprises, please visit


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