Sep 21, 2022

IDEX Biometrics and Sentry Enterprises to launch biometric smart card for digital authentication

IDEX Biometrics and Sentry Enterprises to launch biometric smart card for digital authentication

OSLO, Norway, September 21, 2022 – US-based Sentry Enterprises has selected the IDEX Biometrics Trustedbio Max fingerprint sensor solution for use in the next generation of their industry leading biometric identity platform, SentryCard. This platform integrates multiple certified access control technologies, including FIDO2, into each SentryCard to enable a decentralized biometric identification solution. IDEX has received an order to support initial production of this solution which is scheduled to reach the market in Q4 of 2022.

This biometric identity solution delivers quick and secure authentication, critical in protecting assets and securing access for enterprises, governments, and individuals. Removing the need for PINs and passwords, biometric platforms provide ground-breaking ways of safeguarding digital assets and securing physical access.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Sentry Enterprises as we continue to capture the increasing demand for digital authentication in the United States and across the globe, as the SentryCard will be secured by our TrustedBio Max sensor solution with integrated MCU and PMU.” said Vince Graziani, CEO of IDEX Biometrics. ”We are confident this biometric card solution will deliver increased performance and cost efficiency for customers while providing a seamless and secure user authentication experience.”

“The IDEX Biometrics technology was a natural complement to Sentry’s growing ecosystem of identity-based solutions”, says Mark Bennett, CEO of Sentry Enterprises. “We believe absolute trust of identity is a fundamental necessity for any secure interaction, whether it’s an employee badging through the front door or logging into a computer system. The challenge is providing resilient solutions that are both secure and respect people’s privacy. The SentryCard biometric identity platform is one of the first solutions in the world that delivers on that promise without requiring businesses to replace their existing infrastructure.”

With $172 billion spent on Information Security in 20221, the market for secure digital assets and a seamless customer experience is a fast-growing opportunity. IDEX Biometrics and Sentry Enterprises are transforming what identity means across both the physical and digital world enabling organizations to reimagine identity, and to build new levels of trust in their products, services, and capabilities.

About Sentry Enterprises

Sentry Enterprises offers solutions that reimagine what identity and trust mean across both the physical and digital worlds. Driving a new paradigm of privacy and user-controlled biometric security, Sentry Enterprises’ converged security platform enables customers to move away from the reliance on today’s vulnerable forms of identification and trust. SentryCard provides an immediate ROI while increasing security, mitigating risk, and reducing complexity. For more information, navigate to

In an era of zero trust, Sentry provides ABSOLUTE Trust!

About IDEX Biometrics

IDEX Biometrics (OSE: IDEX and Nasdaq: IDBA) is a leading provider of fingerprint identification technologies offering simple, secure, and personal authentication for all. We help people make payments, prove their identity, gain access to information, or unlock devices with the touch of a finger. We invent, engineer, and commercialize these secure, yet incredibly user-friendly solutions. Our total addressable market represents a fast-growing
multi-billion-unit opportunity. For more information, visit


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