Empowering the World with Trusted Digital Identity: A Moon Shot Mission

Our Mission

In an increasingly abundant and exponentially growing world, our mission is to make trusted digital identity an accessible technology for every enterprise, small business, and individual.

Our Values

Sentry believes in defending every individual’s right to own and protect their identity, both in the physical and digital worlds. We value the privacy and security of every person, while balancing the needs of business, government, and an individual’s innate right to self-sovereignty. We do all of this by bringing the very best of ourselves to every challenge with integrity, honesty, and a steadfastness to our core mission.

A simple idea that grew into a "moon shot"

In 2018, when Sentry Enterprise began its research and development efforts into biometric smartcard technology, the concepts of Self-Sovereign Identity, Web3 and the Metaverse were still in their infancy. Physical entry served as the initial technology and manufacturing proving ground while co-founders, Mark Bennett, and John Calzaretta, became increasingly convinced the world needed a more holistic, privacy-centric, and globally accessible solution to absolute proof of identity.

Full Stack of hardware, software and infrastructure

From those nascent beginnings in physical access, Sentry has evolved into a company with a full stack of hardware, software, and back-end infrastructure combined with vertically integrated manufacturing that is unrivaled in the world. Through our unique capabilities, we are developing the most comprehensive universal digital identity platform in the world – accessible to every enterprise, small business, and individual around the globe.

Meet the Leadership Team

Mark Bennett


John Calzaretta

President and CRO

Mark Cox


Ernie Berger


Mikhail Friedland


Darren Wieder

Senior Vice President of Sales

Janet Fenner


Daniel Rutherford


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