The biometric sensor is sonar like 3D picture of your fingerprint, which can somewhat see through certain types of thin materials like a very thin latex glove. It does reduce the effectiveness of the sensor.

No. Due to the amount and sophistication of the electronics within the SentryCard, it is unable to be punched. That said, Sentry provides an acrylic card sheath with both a vertical and horizon tab for a lanyard that provides a convenient way for the user to access the biometric sensor for use.

Yes. you can print directly on the SentryCard using a RE-TRANSFER printer but due to the texture on the credential DTC (Direct to card Printers) do not currently work well. We have tested the HID/FARGO 5000 and Canon IX-R7000 printers. The only caveat is that you cannot apply an additional laminate overlay on the sensor side.

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