We have FIDO2 which is the public version of PIV.  We are in the process of achieving FIPS-201 certification by mid-2023 and will have a Government certified PIV ID then.

We do all our own manufacturing. We buy the antennas from HID and we have our own product and manufacturing patents.

Yes, unless it has FIDO2, then you can hold it to an NFC reader or app on your phone. We have a Sentry app that you can hold it to your phone and then enroll.

Any access control system that utilizes HID, LEAF, LEGIC, DESIFIRE/MIFARE or FIDO2 credentials. Sentrycard is typically matched with the existing readers.

Currently, you only need to fill out a form if you are needing Corporate 1000 or HID.

The end-user will need to complete and submit the HID authorization form directly to HID before we can begin manufacturing.

Yes. Because a SentryCard will work with your existing infrastructure, you can integrate the use of Sentry while phasing out your existing/older ID populations.

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