Yes, unless it has FIDO2, then you can hold it to an NFC reader or app on your phone. We have a Sentry app that you can hold it to your phone and then enroll.

The biometric sensor is sonar like 3D picture of your fingerprint, which can somewhat see through certain types of thin materials like a very thin latex glove. It does reduce the effectiveness of the sensor.

The FAR is 1 in 50,000. That said, consider that the biometric within the SentryCard is decentralized, meaning that 50,000 unique people would have to be in possession of the credential to attempt a false acceptance. Compare that scenario again current solutions, where there could be hundreds of thousands of user biometrics in a database that one user’s biometric could be matched with.

(either due to ethnicity or being worn-out) don’t work well with readers?

SentryCard utilizes a capacitive fingerprint sensor produced by Fingerprint Cards, a Swedish manufacture that has deployed a billion+ sensors. The SentryCard uses a large sensor array (160 X 160 pixels) with 508 DPI resolution, enabling the most robust matching capability in the market. There will always be exceptions, but the capacitive technology within the SentryCard has proven to overcome the otherwise most common matching issues.

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