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What are your current card configurations?

1. DEMO Card:

This card is made for testing and evaluation. This configuration allows individuals to enroll their 2-fingers and lock the card temporarily for testing. Once the individual has completed the testing they can reset the card by placing the card on a reader and using anyone’s non-enrolled finger on the card for approximately 20-30 seconds (10 sets of flashes) Once the sets of flashes goes to individual flashes they can remove the card from the reader and it is now reset for another individual to enroll and test.


This card enrolls exactly the same as the Demo card but once the enrollment is complete the card is PERMANENTLY locked to that individual. That is what we call ABSOLUTE TRUST and IDENTITY. Whenever this card is used you ABSOLUTELY know who used it.


This card enrolls exactly the same as the Demo card and is locked to the individual until the card is placed on a reader and the reset key is applied for 3-5 seconds to the sensor on the card. Once that is complete the card can be re-enrolled/re-used. This ensure the card can only be used by the registered person until the secure SentryKey is used to reset it. Typically these cards have a Visitor or Contractor General information printed on them and not a photo as you would not be able to reprint directly to the card.

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