2024 is the year of OLED, and Sentry Enterprises lights the way. Join us in embracing the future of payment cards. The Radiance platform is the card manufacturers’ gateway to the next big card innovation.

Are you ready to redefine what a payment card can be? Explore the Radiance platform and experience the future today.

Unveiling the Radiance Platform

At Sentry, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what payment cards can be. The Radiance platform is the culmination of years of innovation and expertise, offering a revolutionary payment card experience that combines cutting-edge technology with unmatched durability.

Illuminate Your Brand Presence

Seamless Transactions | Brand Visibility

The Power of OLED Illumination

Experience the future with the first-generation OLED illumination. Radiance cards bring a new level of brightness and elegance to your payment experience. The quality of illumination, combined with high-quality fit and finish, ensures a card that stands out from the rest.


A Game-Changing Innovation for Card Issuers

Introducing Sentry Enterprises’ latest innovation, the “Radiance” platform. This groundbreaking technology will change the game for card issuers everywhere. With Radiance, you have the power to illuminate your brand presence at the point of sale like never before.

With Radiance, businesses can illuminate their identity and emerge as the go-to option for everyday spending. Seize this opportunity to establish an indelible presence and become the standout card. Make a transformative impact on your business.


Integrate Radiance into your existing processes


By partnering with us, card manufacturers gain access to state-of-the-art innovations in card design. Our Radiance platform is the first of its kind, available in customizable up-configurations. With our technology and expertise, you can seamlessly integrate Radiance into your existing processes without the need for custom equipment or process disruptions


Say goodbye to the hassles of delaminating cards. Radiance is incredibly durable, thanks to our patented encapsulation process. All concerns with delamination are eliminated, ensuring that your card retains its quality over time.



EMV Enabled; Secure Payment Card:

Radiance is compliant with industry standards, ensuring smooth integration into existing systems.


Any Logo Can Easily Be Illuminated:

Your brand, your design. Radiance gives you full control.

Captures Immediate Attention:

Radiance will make your card the center of attention at the point of sale.

Elevating Premium Credit Cards to Unforgettable Heights

A Captivating Glow That Captures Attention

As the Radiance platform approaches the POS machine, it emits a captivating glow that captures attention and leaves a lasting impression. Say goodbye to ordinary transactions. Radiance adds a touch of magic to every interaction, making your card the star of the show.

Premium Experience, Premium Returns

Premium credit cards matter, and Radiance helps to provide a prestigious user experience that will drive greater return on investment for issuers of premium card accounts. Your customers deserve the best, and Radiance delivers. Elevate your brand and set the bar for excellence.

Be the Standout Card in Every Wallet

In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses must establish a distinct and unforgettable presence. By positioning your card as the preferred choice in every wallet, you can ensure that your brand captures attention and remains memorable. The Radiance platform, offered by Sentry Enterprises, empowers card issuers to enhance brand visibility and foster customer loyalty.

Ready to Illuminate Your Brand?

The future of card issuance is here. It’s time to shine with Radiance. Elevate your brand presence, captivate your customers, and drive unparalleled brand visibility. Embrace the Radiance platform and illuminate your success.

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