Sentry Enterprises and
XCore Technologies Merge

What is​ ThinTech™

ThinTech, or ultra-thin microelectronic encapsulation, is the ability to construct highly durable, aesthetically beautiful, complex microelectronic devices, (in a variety of form factors), capable of being manufactured using hot lamination – the most common process used for high-volume, high-yield, high-quality, output.​

High Volume. High Yield. Commercial Scale.

The Prelaminate Core Sheet, working in conjunction with other proprietary processes and in-house technologies, enables the creation of sophisticated devices, deliverable at commercial scale, at a cost and with the beauty that the market has never seen before.​

“Our inventions and capabilities have led to the deployment of Commercial Platforms for multi-functional devices only previously imagined, that transform markets and reshape industries.”

- Mark Cox, Chief Scientist

Unrivaled Capabilities
– A World of Possibilities

This merger will allow Sentry Enterprise to offer unrivaled capabilities to a global market and unveil solutions in the Identity, Payment, Access Control, and Web3 markets that the world has never seen.

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