Why Sentry

We Didn’t Invent Security. We Converged It.

The SentryCard mitigates the risks associated with using biometric authentication by removing all human access to the biometric data. Plus, implementing the SentryCard provides an immediate ROI while increasing security, mitigating risk and reducing complexity.

Addressing Privacy Concerns

The protection of biometric data is of paramount importance. Any breach exposing this ultra-sensitive personal data poses significant risks and liabilities to the organization as well as to the affected person.

“Utilizing the SentryCard will demonstrate to regulators your commitment to protecting your employee’s sensitive biometric information.”

David Ross, Chief Privacy Officer, GreyCastle Security

In order to keep organizations accountable, several U.S. States have passed legislation regarding the collection, storage and use of biometric data. Internationally, the E.U.’s General Data Protection Rights (GDPR) legislation, along with the rules in the UK and India provide a strong stance on biometric data protection and the associated liabilities.

Can You Afford Not to Use the Sentry Card?

The answer is: no. An immediate ROI while increasing security, mitigating risk and reducing complexity. Download the white paper to learn more about all the ways to get ROI from implementing the SentryCard.

No need to rip and replace your current infrastructure

The SentryCard will “plug & play” with your existing infrastructure to provide a secure and touchless solution while addressing today’s hygiene and privacy concerns.
“We set out to build solutions that remove all barriers of entry for our partners and their end-users.”
Mark Bennett
CEO, Sentry Enterprises

Why Delay When You Can Plug and Play

Security Solutions need to match not only modern business trends buy also the pace of change the pandemic spurred. More importantly, they need to do it while considering the bottom line.

SentryCard works in conjunction with legacy infrastructure and does not require a rip and replace of existing equipment. SentryCard can be phased in as credentials are issued, replaced, or upgraded, giving organizations a flexible method of implementation. The cost per card will not be a barrier to adoption of the platform.

SentryCard is completely self-contained, meaning it’s disconnected from any network and inherently safe. Since the fingerprint biometrics are stored and validated on the physical card itself, SentryCard supports compliance with GDPR and CCPA regulations, alleviates a broad range of privacy concerns, and surpasses numerous industry standards.

The balance between people, processes, and technology has never been more important. SentryCard brings together different departments including Physical Security, IT, Operations, and Human Resources to give organizations the technology to control building access and logins to all their corporate systems and applications with one convenient solution. It replaces siloed solutions that don’t cross departments to create holistic security across an entire organization.

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