Meet SentryCard

The new paradigm of converged biometric security has arrived – and it’s redefining trust.

“100% of all cyber intrusions begin with falsified or bypassed identification.”

Pierre Bourgeix

President & Security Evangelist at ESI Convergent


Several best-in-breed technologies packaged in a single ISO-specified card form factor.


Undiscoverable until biometric authentication takes place other than for life-safety applications.


Biometrics are enrolled, stored and matched solely within the credential, safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

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Can you prove you are who you say you are?

Can your employees? Does your current form of identification provide a proof-positive answer? If not, then you need SentryCard.

Can you prove you are authorized to do what you’re trying to do?

Stop and think about it. Does your organization have the tools in place for employees to answer this fundamental question.

Leveraging SentryCard

and it’s multiple use cases.

SentryCard biometric authentication quickly provides proof-positive identification for every login, whether on-site or working remotely. When used in conjunction with third-party verification software, SentryCard saves significant resources by eliminating the need for using usernames and passwords. No more helpdesk resets! The SentryCard is flexible enough to log out users whether using time-based rules or simply removing the credential.

SentryCard works in conjunction with your existing physical access control infrastructure, so there’s no need to rip and replace your readers. SentryCard is undiscoverable until the user is biometrically authenticated, protecting the privacy of the user and the potential liability to the organization.

With embedded UHF technology, SentryCard can be leveraged to track the location of the credential holder while they are in the office. That’s critical when determining who is inside in the event of a mandatory evacuation. Importantly, in the COVID era, it enables organizations to implement contact tracing and determine how the illness might spread in the unfortunate occurrence of an outbreak. That can be the difference between a site-wide quarantine or targeted quarantining of only the individuals who were exposed.

Proof-positive identification regardless of location

Whether employees are working remotely, or in the office, gain the confidence that only comes through SentryCard.

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Harness Biometric Dual Factor Authentication

Physical entry, logical access, proximity detection for life safety and contact tracing and a lot more is included with our solution.