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Sentry Enterprises, the maker of the biometric identity platform SentryCard, has named Mikhail Friedland as Chief Technology Officer

West Chester, PA, August 16, 2022. Sentry Enterprises, the maker of the biometric identity platform SentryCard, has named Mikhail Friedland as Chief Technology Officer. 

Friedland brings an extensive arsenal of software acumen to Sentry Enterprises with expertise in developing and deploying high-assurance, scalable, and secure operating systems. Friedland also brings Blockchain and cryptocurrency expertise for resource-constrained devices such as (cold storage) crypto-wallets, cryptocurrency transactions, secure key stores, tokenization, and smart contracts.

“Words cannot do justice to the excitement we have for Mikhail joining our leadership team,” said Mark Bennett, Sentry Enterprises co-founder, and CEO. “Mikhail’s software expertise is arguably unrivaled, and when combined with Sentry’s market-leading biometric hardware, the potential for creating industry-changing solutions is unmatched.”

Friedland comes to Sentry Enterprises from the software development company jNet ThingX (now jNet Secure) which he founded in 2001. jNet will remain in operation to support its legacy clientele. Sentry Enterprises and jNet have also entered into a broader strategic relationship.

“I’m honored and excited to be part of Sentry’s incredible future growth,” said Friedland. “Throughout my career in software development, I have sought a truly scalable container for decentralized identity, which is critical to solving innumerable security vulnerabilities facing companies as well as individuals. I have finally found that solution at Sentry and look forward to combining our strengths to create never seen before solutions.”

About Sentry Enterprises

Sentry Enterprises offers solutions that reimagine what identity and trust mean across both the physical and digital world. Driving a new paradigm of privacy and user-control biometric security, Sentry Enterprises converged security platform enables customers to move away from the reliance on today’s vulnerable forms of identification and trust. SentryCard provides an immediate ROI while increasing security, mitigating risk, and reducing complexity. For mor information, navigate to

In an era of zero trust, Sentry provides ABSOLUTE Trust!

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