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Security means re-imagining identity

One of the most overworked metaphors in the history of marketing is the idea of cyber security as a perimeter-based ‘castle wall’ defense system.

While cyber security marketing has thankfully been re imagined, solutions haven’t always followed suit. What’s been missing is the imagination necessary to see how attacks are going to change. However, there is an opportunity for enterprises to build resilience against the most common attack types that impact them today while also improving their defense against the unknown.

Current solutions work well against traditional attacks with signature-based blocking and enough smarts to flag most suspicious behavior. The problem is the tactics the next wave of attacks will employ will be combined with the failure of the security industry to stem phishing and other authentication-based attacks. We’re entering dangerous waters where businesses of all kinds are going to be targeted in ways they never have been before. Some of that is because of malicious nation-states and stepped-up cyber campaigns, but a lot of it is simply because the vulnerabilities are there to be exploited. Criminals are creatures of opportunity, too.

Enterprises need to redefine their security in terms of identity as well as authentication. They also need to transform what that means across both the physical and digital world. The next wave of attacks will erase the lines that have already been blurred and include far more creative attacks aimed at leveraging physical access to gain digital access. Why? Because access controls that were updated during the pandemic haven’t been fully stress tested yet. The pandemic is no longer a primary business concern unless it is also a distinctly personal one (like a close contact testing positive). The security cracks introduced by those changes haven’t all been identified yet while the malicious intent of attackers is only growing. Meanwhile, the current protections aren’t covering enough attacks, let alone the novel ones to come.

Rethinking identity means access protections will need to work across organizational silos, geography, and software/hardware divides. Enterprises need broad coverage that protects access of all kinds while leveraging existing technology, preventing all authentication-based attacks, and building resilience against creative and unknown future attacks. SentryCard is a self-contained, biometric portable ID card that serves as a multi-function credential for both physical and logical access.

With SentryCard, you can ensure every request coming from your users is valid and authorized because it relies on biometric fingerprint matching stored and verified on the card itself. SentryCard evolves authentication with fraud-proof identity verification that cannot be forged and is useless if lost or stolen. It’s a converged security solution that bridges the gap between software and hardware yet doesn’t require the replacement of existing equipment.

For more information about how SentryCard can help you reimagine identity to meet both your current and future security challenges, please click here to contact Sentry Enterprises.

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