Why now is the time to upgrade your security

The world has suddenly become a more chaotic place.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has put an already tense world further on edge and caused a marked increase in ‘preparatory’ attacks that lay the groundwork for more malicious ones to follow. If you have people at risk, operations that might be affected, or supply chains that might be interrupted, your security needs to improve immediately and in a way that builds in resilience against a broad swath of attacks.

Unfortunately, cyber security is not a discipline that offers effective last-minute solutions. Security simply can’t be bolted on. However, there are strategic ways organizations can quickly improve their protections. First, corporations need to understand their updated attack profile. Western businesses and any that operate in democratic nations are too great a target opportunity for enemy cyber combatants to avoid. It’s not just obvious targets like critical infrastructure or defense organizations that need to prepare.

Western businesses of all kinds have data of value no matter what business they are in, even if it’s just information that could be leveraged for attacks against individuals or other businesses. It also helps to view risk in terms of sheer target opportunities. Bigger economies simply have more digital targets. Exponentially more. The threat level is also unlikely to drop anytime soon. Cyber-attacks give lesser economic powers a means to level the tactical battlefield, especially if their literal one is littered with destruction. 

Organizations also need to understand that while attack tactics are changing they are also leveraging existing weaknesses in both technology and human beings. Sophisticated attackers like nation states still rely on phishing as their initial entry points because it remains the most effective method of gaining access. The problem is rank and file cyber attackers will also deluge vulnerable corporations, citizens, and institutions with freshly targeted phishing approaches that leverage the fog of war. When the number of attacks of all types your corporation has seen have risen exponentially, it makes it that much harder to spot a successful attack.

While you can make strategic decisions that speed up integration of better security mechanisms, only one of those decisions will give you broad coverage that protects access of all kinds while also integrating seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. Biometric authentication is the only way for corporations to leverage existing technology while preventing the most common types of attacks likely to impact them, and to do so cost effectively. SentryCard is a self-contained, biometric portable ID card that serves as a multi-function credential for both physical and logical access. It’s fraud-proof in a way that current password-based solutions–no matter their complexity or multi-factor requirements–simply aren’t.   

Corporations who panic can easily make the wrong investment. With SentryCard, you can ensure every request coming from your users is valid and authorized because it relies on biometric fingerprint matching stored and verified on the card itself. Solutions that store biometric data on a server aren’t as secure as they appear to be when that data is as vulnerable to theft as any other type. SentryCard evolves authentication with fraud-proof identity verification that cannot be forged and is useless if lost or stolen. It’s a converged security solution that bridges the gap between software and hardware, yet doesn’t require the replacement of existing equipment.

SentryCard enables organizations to meet the challenges of the current world while building resilience against future attacks. For more information about how SentryCard can help you adapt your authentication to meet the security challenges of a chaotic world, please click here to contact Sentry Enterprises.