Sentry Enterprises Raises $13 Million to Scale Operations and Complete Strategic Partnership Deal

Sentry Enterprises and X-Core Technologies

Sentry Enterprises Raises $13 Million to Scale Operations and Complete Strategic Partnership Deal

Sentry Enterprises, the maker of the SentryCard biometric identity platform, today announced that it raised $13 million in a Series D preferred equity offering to scale operations and complete a strategic investment in X-Core Technologies, a leading innovator in the card manufacturing industry.

“With the support from both existing and new investors, Sentry enters 2022 ready for its next chapter of growth to fulfill its vision of helping end-users achieve the zero-trust security architecture they strive for,” said John Calzaretta, President at Sentry Enterprises.

X-Core Technologies, a Pennsylvania-based company, is well known in the industry as a pioneer in card manufacturing technology, holding numerous patents, and staffed by a highly respected engineering team. With the completion of the strategic partnership transaction, Sentry is now X-Core’s largest shareholder.

“Sentry’s partnership with X-Core has been vital to achieving our commercial scale, said Mark Bennett, CEO at Sentry Enterprises. Making an equity investment further strengthens that partnership, while vertically integrating our manufacturing operation and processes.”

“We couldn’t be more pleased or excited to grow our relationship with Sentry from customer to strategic partner, said Mark Cox, CEO at X-Core Technologies.”

About Sentry Enterprises

Sentry Enterprises is a US-based manufacturer with expertise in creating ultra-thin microelectronic security devices. The company offers proprietary and patented biometric platform focused on providing proof-positive identification whether for cyber or physical security requirements.

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About x-Core Technologies

X-Core Technologies LLC is a US-based enterprise providing Hot Lamination compatible Prelaminate Core Sheets incorporating advanced electronic functionality for the Payment, Security, and Health Care sectors.

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