The Security Stakes Are Higher Than Ever

The Security Stakes Are Higher Than Ever
While recent security headlines have been dominated by high-profile ransomware attacks, one attack that hasn’t received as much attention is even more troubling. A hacker recently tried to poison part of the San Francisco Bay area’s water supply by deleting programs that controlled the water treatment processes. Luckily, the impacts were noticed after a day and the attack was curtailed. What was harrowing, though, was that it only took a stolen password to perpetrate.


Unfortunately, there are countless other organizations and entities that are in the same predicament. This specific facility was vulnerable due to an insecure application used to let employees log in remotely. It’s no secret that the pandemic placed strains on businesses and individuals alike, creating a perfect storm where resources and staff are still strained but criminal motivation is high. All the inadvertent vulnerabilities introduced to lessen the impacts of the pandemic are now ripe for exploitation. If these vulnerabilities are internet-facing, it’s likely they’ve already been discovered and mapped. All that’s missing now is the intent. If the stakes seem higher now, it’s because they are. The intersection of the logical and physical worlds has left critical infrastructure vulnerable to cyber-attacks that cause real world damage. It’s only a matter of time before an infrastructure or control mechanism attack causes a loss of life.



Too many organizations are simply not taking the extra precautions the current threat environment demands to protect both their data and facilities. The fundamental question decision makers need to ask themselves is if they are doing enough to protect their data and facilities from inappropriate access. If inappropriate access to your data or facilities is as easy to gain as leveraging a stolen password or entry badge, then the honest answer must be no.



Thankfully, there is a cost-effective, (almost immediate ROI, solution), that works with your current infrastructure and policies that can help you prevent unauthorized access to your facilities and data alike. The SentryCard biometric platform allows you navigate the current threat environment by giving organizations an easy and immediate way for users to provide proof of their identity and ensure they are who they say they are.



The SentryCard is a self-contained, (biometric match on-card) platform (in the form factor or a credit card) that serves as a multi-function credential for both physical and logical access that works both on-site and remotely. With the SentryCard, you can ensure every request coming from your users is valid and authorized because only a biometrically-authenticated person can use it, and thus your systems. With this biometric platform in place, attackers can be prevented from gaining access with stolen or false credentials. It’s fraud-proof in a way that current password-based solutions — no matter their complexity or multi-factor requirements – simply aren’t.   



To learn how the SentryCard will add a proof-positive level of protection to your entire organization, please click here to request a demonstration. contact Sentry Enterprises.