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Eliminate your password problem with Sentry and FIDO2

Passwords are simply no longer a sufficient method of confirming the identity of web users.

The FIDO Alliance (Fast Identity Online) is a non-commercial group dedicated to developing new protocols and support structures that can ensure secure authentication for web users. Their aim is to eventually allow for the complete elimination of password-based authentication. It’s a forward-thinking organization which understands that the inherent issues confronting passwords are only going to grow in scale. Although non-commercial in nature, the FIDO Alliance has the weight of organizations like Google and PayPal behind it. What that means is although it is a voluntary standard, it is quickly becoming a de facto one.

FIDO2, their latest open standard, combines the Client to Authenticator Protocol (CTAP) and the W3C standard WebAuthn to enable identity verification via cryptographic authenticators like biometric identifiers, or external authenticating devices like FIDO keys with a trusted WebAuthn remote peer (aka a FIDO2 Server). Since it is a license-free standard, it is available to all organizations who wish to adopt it. However, the organizations who have been reticent to adopt FIDO2 generally have done so out of the fear of sticker shock that comes with replacing and purchasing the equipment necessary to make it work.

The Achilles heel of compliance initiatives and regulations is that they can’t always anticipate and counter emerging threats. But by replacing a reliance on passwords with fraud-proof biometric authentication that meets FIDO2, you can move your security forward and build in resilience against any threat that involves stolen or forged credentials. SentryCard is a cost-effective biometric solution which can help you meet FIDO2 without requiring the replacement of your existing equipment. It can be phased in as credentials are issued, replaced, or upgraded, giving organizations a flexible method of implementation. When all is said and done, the costs per card are in line with standard ID badges.

To learn more about how SentryCard can help your organization adopt the FIDO2 specification, please click here to contact Sentry Enterprises.

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