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Are you protecting your brand from a breach?

When a breach occurs, most organizations are rightfully focused on detection and remediation.

Initially, it’s a matter of stopping the bleeding. While those efforts can be expensive, they also tend to be contained and finite events with estimable costs in both dollars and time to resolve. However, it’s the ongoing damage to your brand and reputation that can ultimately prove more costly to overcome. While organizations understand their brand can be damaged by a breach, most don’t yet include that potential harm as part of their security planning. 


Part of that reasoning is that brand damage is nearly impossible to quantify after a breach occurs. While better incident response processes mean the technological impacts of an attack can be mitigated on a schedule, brand damage unspools at its own pace. Firms like Equifax and Heartland Payment Systems will always be associated with high profile data breaches, even though those incidents occurred years ago. 

For security companies, the brand damage from a breach can be so significant they never recover.

Ultimately, the actual cause of the breach doesn’t matter as much as the narrative that develops. Most companies invest more resources into creating a logo than preemptive brand protection measures. But given the current state of security and the way social media can cause a negative storyline to snowball and stick, it makes sense for enterprises to consider the value of their brand when making their security investments. Consequently, in the unfortunate event a breach occurs, you need a solution that can be easily understood by the public – whether that’s your customers or your stockholders.

No matter how the unauthorized entry is subsequently leveraged, the vast majority of damaging attacks invariably start with fraudulent or stolen credentials. SentryCard can help your organization protect your brand from damage by stopping all attacks based on fraudulent or stolen credentials from occurring, or by providing a verifiable security upgrade after a breach. Moving to biometric authentication that can’t be forged can not only improve your overall security posture, but also help protect your reputation. 

With SentryCard

You can ensure every request coming from your users is valid and authorized because it relies on biometric fingerprint matching stored and verified on the card itself.

Compliance is always a priority

Fingerprints stored and matched on a portable card is a concept everyone can easily understand. Because there is no database storing the biometric data, SentyCard is completely GDPR, CCPA and BIPA compliant. It’s a solution strong enough to support the PR, not the other way around.
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