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Why authentication must adapt to survive

Security is a dynamic discipline where change is not only rapid but required. It’s almost counterintuitive, but the longer software exists the more vulnerable it becomes. New attacks are discovered, patches are delayed or skipped altogether, and operating system vulnerabilities can provide unintended entry points. The same is true for hardware, especially so with firmware that cannot be updated, or for devices never meant to be connected to the Internet but which now have their own web portal. Security never stands still. The security needs of today are not the same as they were a year ago, nor will they be the same a year from now. 


The reality is that security can easily be reactionary instead of evolutionary. The best security tends to improve by leaps and bounds, not in increments. Look no further than increasingly complex passwords to see how incremental security can create as many problems as the one it was intended to solve. In large part, security is a numbers game where attackers will unfortunately always have the advantage and will leverage those opportunities given any chance to do so. That includes everything from increasing attacks on the systems and support structures for remote employee access to leveraging pandemic-required face masks to avoid facial recognition technology. 

There are ways organizations can adapt their security and move away from a “Whac-a-Mole” security philosophy where attacks are reacted to, not prevented in the first place. One is improved communication. Security can no longer be siloed by departments or job titles. A connected world requires converged security, as does a remotely enabled one. 

Your security must work no matter where your personnel are connecting from, remotely or on-site. It needs to be fraud-proof in a way that current password-based solutions — no matter their complexity or multi-factor requirements – simply aren’t.

SentryCard enables organizations to change their security odds by changing the game itself and preventing every attack that originates with stolen or fraudulent credentials. It not only meets the challenges of the current world, but also builds in resilience against future attacks. SentryCard evolves authentication with fraud-proof identity verification that cannot be forged and is useless if lost or stolen. With SentryCard, you can ensure every request coming from your users is valid and authorized because it relies on biometric fingerprint matching stored and verified on the card itself. It’s a converged security solution that bridges the gap between software and hardware, yet doesn’t require the replacement of existing equipment.

For more information about how SentryCard can help you adapt your authentication to meet your security challenges, contact us.

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