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Are passwords passé? How biometric authentication eliminates password security issues

The security industry has known for years that it has a password problem. While multi-factor authentication, increasingly complex password requirements, and CAPTCHA challenges have all been improvements, none have been a true and lasting solution. Massive data breaches that involve stolen credentials still remain far too commonplace. And yet with all they are tasked to protect, somehow ‘123456’ remains the most popular password.The unfortunate reality is that vulnerabilities with password-based authentication only continue to increase and attacks get worse. Brute force dictionary attacks designed to break passwords used to be limited in scope by computing power, but those cycles are now readily available for rent or purchase by malicious actors and have reduced what used to take weeks down to mere hours. Usability issues like complexity requirements and simple human memory lapses means too many employees still use the same password over and over, so when one set of credentials is compromised, they all are. Multi-factor methods of authentication can be foiled by lost or stolen devices and tokens. And the rapid shift to a remote workforce has led to new challenges that simply can’t be solved by password-based authentication.

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Thankfully, there is a new security solution that can eliminate the need for relying on passwords while increasing both security and productivity. Utilizing a SentryCard for biometric authentication quickly provides proof-positive identification for every login, whether on-site or working remotely. SentryCard is completely self-contained, meaning it’s disconnected from any network and is inherently safe. And because the fingerprint biometrics are stored and validated via a reader on the physical card itself, a lost or stolen SentryCard can’t ever be leveraged for inappropriate access, nor can its authentication information ever be stolen from a breached database.

SentryCard is an elegant, portable biometric authentication solution that meets modern security challenges and more. To learn more about how SentryCard can make your organization more secure, please click here to contact Sentry Enterprises.

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