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The Security Game Changer – Converged Biometric Security

Security measures have been in need of an upgrade for some time. In a world dominated by phishing attacks, even standard solutions like passwords have lost their effectiveness. Groups that should work together instead rely on siloed security solutions that don’t communicate. And the pandemic has complicated everything from shared touchpads to facial recognition of employees in masks.


SentryCard was designed from the ground up with usability and functionality in mind to solve these problems, and more. It gives both remote and onsite employees identification confidence with biometric authentication that provides proof-positive identification for each login. And it bridges the divide between groups like HR, Operations, and Security to provide a holistic and converged biometric security solution that brings immediate organizational ROI.


SentryCard is built to last and boasts impressive technology including:

Fingerprint scanner: Built-in biometric authentication with a 10 million impression lifespan.

Lithium ion battery: The battery and energy harvesting infrastructure means the card lasts a minimum of three years, making it comparable to the lifespan of regular identification badges that have none of the flexibility or biometric security of SentryCard.

Multi-antenna design: Both UHF and NFC with cloaking power structure for enabling/disabling antennas, enabling contact tracing, etc.

32-bit ARM Microprocessor: ISO-spec, ultra-thin flexible circuit means SentryCard is the same size as a credit card, yet remains powerful. 


For more information on what’s under the hood, Watch the Video:


SentryCard is:


SentryCard provides biometric authentication and the same level of security for every login no matter the employee’s location. When used in conjunction with third party software, SentryCard can eliminate the need for usernames and passwords.


SentryCard works with your existing infrastructure and doesn’t require the expensive rip-and- replace of current equipment. Remote employees leverage a portable USB scanner to authenticate themselves with their SentryCard.


Biometrics are enrolled, stored, and matched solely within the card itself, ensuring PII stays safe because it’s never stored anywhere else. SentryCard meets a broad set of data security standards including supporting compliance with GDPR and CCPA regulations. 

To learn more about how SentryCard can make your organization more secure, please click here to contact Sentry Enterprises.

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