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SentryCard Solves COVID-19 Identification Challenges

SentryCard Solves COVID-19 Identification Challenges


Finding the right balance of productivity and safety in the “new normal” has not been easy. COVID-19 is unfortunately a hardy pathogen, one that can spread not only through the air but also via surfaces. Many organizations have simply turned off their shared biometric devices like fingerprint readers and PIN keypads over concerns about spreading the virus. Others have reacted by transitioning to unproven methods of prevention like thermal cameras augmented by facial recognition. Neither of these solutions have proved to be effective or sustainable, not when asymptomatic cases have caused more spread than those with recognizable symptoms like fevers. Furthermore, it’s not just physical security that’s been impacted by the pandemic. Cyber opportunists have attacked organizations with newly enabled remote workforces with more frequent attacks designed to leverage the vulnerabilities this transition has presented. After all, the attackers have been quarantined, too.


As more employees return to onsite work, many organizations are still struggling to find the right balance of effectiveness and protection. Unfortunately, COVID-19 means traditional identification methods are simply no longer viable. Organizations now need security enabled by biometric devices that can meet multiple demands and alleviate both security and health concerns.


Organizations require a solution that can:

• Protect both assets and health:  Any shared biometric device now includes an element of risk. And while they help protect staff, masks also make facial recognition problematic. 

• Ensure proper authentication for both onsite and remote employees: The workforce will remain a hybrid mix of onsite and remote for the foreseeable future. Each needs a consistent, convenient, and safe method of proving their identity. 

• Increase productivity: PIN and passwords offer a poor user experience, as does frequently required badging. If a process is inconvenient, it’s far more likely to be abandoned. Solutions need to support productivity, not hamper it.

• Offers serious ROI: When budgets are tight, solutions must offer value, be cost effective to implement, and when possible leverage existing infrastructure.

• Enables contact tracing: Contact tracing can limit quarantine requirements to those who were actually exposed, saving significant time and resources while helping to keep employees safe.


SentryCard is a self-contained, biometric fingerprint technology that replaces the need for common touchpoints and serves as a multi-function credential for both physical and logical access. It’s biometrically authenticated identification that protects both assets and health and enables organizations to eliminate multiple risk factors across their entire organization. The balance between People, Process and Technology has never been more important. SentryCard removes the barrier of entry for our partners and their end-users and helps organizations establish an effective “new normal” that doesn’t hamper employee safety or productivity.


To learn how SentryCard can make your organization more secure while also simplifying safety initiatives during the pandemic, please click here to contact Sentry Enterprises.


About Sentry Enterprises
Founded in 2013, Sentry Enterprises is a Chicago-based company with expertise in creating ultra-thin microelectronic security devices. The company offers a proprietary, patented, platform focused on providing proof-positive identification whether accessing a building or computing network. Sentry Enterprises’s solutions solve numerous risks facing today’s enterprises, from biometric authentication for access to privacy, contact tracing and hygiene issues.


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John Calzaretta, President & Chief Revenue Officer, Sentry Enterprises

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