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Unrivaled Security

A large bank, with hundreds of offices and branch locations around the world, is looking to ramp up security measures. Bank executives are planning to install biometric readers at the main entrances of 500 of its global locations. Each has unique challenges, including installation, quality checks and technology integration. One more complication: the Pandemic. Shared biometric readers won’t address the hygiene issues we face.


Could the administrators of this financial giant make an investment they’ll quickly regret? Let’s investigate and lock down some facts.


Biometric readers for the main doors of a building typically cost $7,500. Multiply that by 500 locations and the total is more than $3.5 million-dollars. It’s not just about price. These readers store every employees’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on a database or server, which could violate the GDPR and CCPA regulations. Further complicating the issue, shared touch points like palm readers and fingerprint scanners which can jeopardize the health and safety of everyone.


The good news: bank executives now have a better option. They can turn to a new, highly-secure and innovative solution; the first of its kind.  

Introducing the biometric SentryCard—more than an alternative—it’s the only product providing  unrivaled security, that is more cost-effective than integrating separate technologies, and is compatible with the bank’s existing infrastructure. 


Let’s do the math. With the biometric SentryCard, the bank could equip each of its 45,000 employees for far less than the more than $3.5 million-dollar infrastructure investment. 


By adopting the SentryCard, instead of just securing the main doors, each of the bank’s 500 readers become instant “biometric readers”. 

The SentryCard works with existing access control systems, so there’s no need to “rip out and replace” existing infrastructure. Beyond biometrics for entry, SentryCard also provides biometric security for network computer logins, eliminating the need for usernames and passwords, whether employees are working in the office or from home. SentryCard also tracks each cardholder when they’re in the office, allowing for safety and contact-tracing applications. 

To find out how SentryCard can make your organization more secure and simplify safety initiatives, please click here to contact our team.

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