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Security with Sentry in a COVID-19 World

Working from home today has become the norm. Companies that were once reticent in allowing employees to work remotely have found it necessary to change their position. Employees working from home have proven essential in keeping business operations running. For many companies, this new paradigm has created security issues that are not easily solved. For example, how does a financial firm protect the sensitive information of its customers while employees are working remotely using a computer on their home network? Managers are also wrestling with monitoring employee performance and engagement when employees are “on the clock” without facing undue backlash. And another key concern is how can a company guarantee that the individual accessing sensitive information on the corporate network is really that person and not a bad actor who poses a serious risk to the security of intellectual property, financial records, employee information and more? 


At Sentry, in developing our unique world-class SentryCard solution, we have been  wrestling with use cases like these for the past four years. COVID-19 has brought these questions to the forefront for many companies and security executives. Traditional protectionist methods lack the capacity to answer these questions with confidence, primarily because most methods are outdated, incomplete and without a true standard for confirming the identity of a person and granting access to approved individuals.


Our solution, the SentryCard, is the first biometric credential card that is truly secure with a multidimensional approach that sets a new industry leadership standard. We converged separate and independent existing technologies, such as physical access, logical access, proximity tracking and locally-stored biometric sensors, into one super slim, innovative smart card that is truly the world’s only integrated and complete solution in existence. Because the biometric data is stored on the physical  card itself, a user’s identity is highly secure and encrypted unlike other more common solutions where the sensitive user data is stored on a cloud-based server. This affords SentryCard with a powerful solution that also complies with DDPR and CCPA regulations.


Traditional security today includes Information Technology, Operational Technology, Physical Security and Human Resources. Each team in this link controls one separate piece of a company’s infrastructure. With SentryCard, a new era in integrated security has arrived in the palm of your hand. SentryCard brings all of these disparate groups and technologies together in one converged solution for a more complete and holistic method for securing sensitive data and for confirming and authenticating identity. 


In conclusion, SentryCard works with existing infrastructure, so there’s no need to “rip and replace,” which can offer substantial cost savings, as well as speed to adopt SentryCard and  integrate our technology into your organization. SentryCard has the ability to not only mitigate risk but also work in partnership with your business to deploy a wide range of, use cases in order to restore confidence and security for companies and its employees. 


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